Butterfly Park

Daringbadi Parks

Butterfly Park

A nature park with exceptional accentuation on monitoring, displaying butterflies just as restorative plants in their normal living space has come up at Daringbadi of Kandhamal area, a significant vacationer goal known as ‘Kashmir of Odisha’.

Nature / Butterfly park is 3.2 km from nature valley resort. To attract tourists to Odisha, a butterfly park has been opened at Daringbadi, the hill station in Kandhamal district known as Kashmir of Odisha. The visitors can enjoy a variety of colourful butterflies in their natural surroundings to understand their significance in the ecosystem.

Daringbadi is one of the Freeze Hill Station of Odisha. It’s situated in Kandhamala region of Odisha at a height of 3002ft. (915 meters) over the ocean level. Similarly it’s called as “Kashmir Of Odisha”.

It’s a lesser known spot which gets even a rear snowfall in winter. Actually like a freeze slope station, this spot has a wonderful climate consistently. In addition in winter you will discover solidified dew drops on trees, edges on grasses, vehicles and houses, whenever temperature falls beneath 0°C around evening time. These snow, frozen dew and cuts are the explanation for contrasting this spot with Kashmir. In other word “Kashmir of Odisha”.

This is also known as an Offbeat Destination of Odisha, one of the “Best Kept Secret of Odisha”. However This lushgreen Valley encompassed with thick timberland mountains.  As well as loaded up with various sort of Flora and Faunas. For Instance its always attract attention of Tourist. Back in the days there was a British ruller, whose name was Daring Saheb. Badi Means home place. In conclusion everyone called This destination as Daringbadi.