Coffee Garden

Broadly known as the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’, Daringbadi, a Hill station town situated around 3,200 ft over the ocean level in Kandhamal region, has additionally got a unique acknowledgment for an espresso garden spreading crosswise over hectares. During the British principle, there was a British official named Daring Saheb who was accountable for this spot. This spot was named after him, with Badi meaning town. More than 50 percent of the populace here has a place with planned clan networks.

Coffee garden is 2.6 km from nature valley resort. Coffee Garden is another attractions of this hill station. It is spread over 45 hectares of land and managed by soil Conservation Department, Goverment of Odisha. The Garden is covered with tall sliver Oak trees and twinning around the trunk and bark of the mighty tress are the little, hot black pepper creepers. The slience and shade of the garden is fascinating.