Chairman’s Letter

Chairman’s Letter

Dear Guests,

Much obliged to you for allowing me the chance to impart to you the foundation of our image name change from ‘Orange County’ to ‘Develop Back’.

History of the brand name ‘Orange County’

The House of Ramapuram, grower by custom, broadened into the neighborliness business in 1994 by setting up a little retreat in our 100-year-old, 300-section of land Chikkana Halli Estate in Coorg. What fell into place without a hitch for us was to share our lifestyle and expand the grower’s convention of warm accommodation with our basically urban visitors.

Other than espresso and zest, Coorg created probably the best oranges in the nation. As an impression of this, we chose to name the retreat ‘Orange County’ to sign in the produce and the pioneer grower heritage of Coorg. When we opened our second Resort at Kabini, we chose to proceed with the ‘Orange County’ brand name on account of the value the brand had fabricated. Be that as it may, by at that point, a scourge had forever pulverized the greater part of the orange trees in Coorg.

Over this period, as we ventured through life, we found our one of a kind uniqueness and character and put this down in our statement of purpose as ‘To give dazzling occasion encounters while saving the virtue of nature and culture of the land’. This way of thinking was later revered in the slogan ‘Soul of the land’.

Purposes behind the name change

While it was a troublesome choice to change the brand name that has served our visitors and us well, we thought it was ideal to roll out the improvement now.

The explanations behind the change are:

• The name ‘Orange County’, created explicitly for our hotel in Coorg, was not passing on the ‘Soul of the land’ character of our new retreats – Kuruba Tribal Village themed resort at Kabini and the Vijayanagara Palace themed resort at Hampi.

• As we get ready to extend the locational impression of our hotels to different pieces of India, Africa and Asia, we required an all inclusive name that was motivated by our ‘Soul of the land’ theory and would stay applicable anyplace on the planet.

• In the worldwide the travel industry showcases, the brand name ‘Orange County’, has an exceptionally solid relationship with a province in California, USA. As we took a gander at our future, we understood that the brand name ‘Orange County’ was not in keeping our main purpose for existing, which was to safeguard and grandstand the one of a kind and bona fide localness or ‘Soul of the land’ of every one of our remote and interesting areas.

Quintessence of the new brand name ‘Advance Back’

‘Develop Back’ is the new brand name we have given to the equivalent ‘Soul of the land’ involvement, that we have dependably submerged our visitors in. It is enlivened by the past when the air, land and all of nature was unadulterated, accommodation was from the heart, life was basic, pleasant and quiet, culture was of the land, nourishment was from the integrity of nature… Evolve Back is our mark style of conveying all these with the best in solaces and extravagances.

Give me a chance to console you… nothing has changed about us… Just our name. It gives me incredible joy to welcome you indeed to proceed with the voyage with us at Evolve Back.

Warm Regards

Emmanuel Ramapuram